A Brand that has designs with a deeper purpose and meaning.

A Brand that has designs with a deeper purpose and meaning.

Alicia Mullings designs/original fabric prints are conversation starters that touch on social issues of the world and the human experience/condition.

When I am designing my collections I manifest from a deeper space/place. I take inspiration from all things in the world that surrounds me. From the conversations that I personally engage in, the places that I go to, the people that I see along the way, the books that I read, the frequencies that I take into my soul, the music, meditative downloads etc. It all contributes to my inspired creations.

My designs deliver themselves to me in the most random of places and circumstances e.g. like 4am suddenly waking up and receiving instant downloads from the universe, to the escape of a nice hot salt bath, to the hearing of powerful song lyrics or quotes that teach me something new, to visiting a historical monument in a foreign land it is all of great relevance. My creations are my voice and I have a lot to talk about.

An example of the types of socially conscious designs that I have created is from my 2017 collection I have a range of pieces from a print called ‘The Wake-Up’. This range was inspired by my observation of a percentage of people in the western hemisphere are slowly but surely waking up to various things of the world such as poor leadership/corrupt Governments/Societies, systematic and mental programming, the importance & Beauty of Nature and Natural things, Spirituality and knowing oneself on a Soul level, Meditation etc. The veil is lifting and it is an awesome thing to witness and be a part of.

I am often told that I am a teacher but I don’t feel this in the traditional sense of delivery in a classroom or lecture theatre, I know that I am fortunate to be able to teach through my Art and creativity.

Love and Unity are the keys.

Let’s start talking about some real impactful things and make a change!